THE RIOT drop music video for their latest single ‘Same Blunt’

The second song to surface since their introduction in August

Aussie outfit THE RIOT have dropped an official music video for their genre-bending single, ‘Same Blunt’.

Released today (October 30), THE RIOT’s new music video captures a psychedelic journey, with a puff on a joint sending the group into a visually trippy wonderland.

Watch it below:


‘Same Blunt’ was originally released on October 9 and followed the release of THE RIOT’s debut single ‘Dog In The Shade’ in August.

Both tracks were produced by Matt Corby and his long-time associate Alex Henriksson, with THE RIOT’s lead vocalist JD saying, “[Henriksson] was really able to take our disjointed pieces and glue them together”.

In a press release, the band explained how the song came together in a single spontaneous day “over cheap beers and weed”.

“It all started with that guitar riff you hear at the beginning of the song, then everyone threw in their own spice,” JD said.


Shared anger, unity and political disdain brought members Tyler, Scotty and JD together, after the latter was trying to scale a fence at a music venue one night.

A shared interest in music that isn’t defined by a particular sound or era grew, with JD saying, “There’s power in numbers, it’s better than being on your own”.

“[Together] we can get our voices that have been ‘the unheard’, to be heard.”