The Shins announce 20th-anniversary edition of ‘Oh, Inverted World’: “This record gave me the life that I never really dreamed I would have”

"The fervor that happened around 'Oh, Inverted World' we never quite reached again"

The Shins have announced a 20th-anniversary edition of ‘Oh, Inverted World’, fully remastered by Bob Ludwig.

The new edition of the band’s 2001 debut will be re-released in June with an inverted colour album cover, and a booklet featuring vintage photos, handwritten lyrics, liner notes and more. Ten random copies of the record will have a “golden ticket” – notching them a 7”x7” classic photo of the band signed by frontman James Mercer.

Mercer also released a press statement reflecting on the record’s legacy.


“This record gave me the life that I never really dreamed I would have,” he said. “It opened me up to the whole world and gave me validation. It’s also something that stands as a bit of a pinnacle for our band.”

Mercer continued, noting he feels the band never reached the same heights as their debut.

“You release that first record and it’s so well embraced, but you’re always trying to get that magic back, I think,” he said. “We’ve done well, certainly, but the fervor that happened around ‘Oh, Inverted World’ we never quite reached again. It’s a special moment when you’re a new band and you’ve got what was apparently kind of a new sound. This record symbolized a very special moment in my life, a watershed moment for sure.”

The 20th anniversary remastered reissue of ‘Oh, Inverted World’ is available for pre-order now.

Last year, the band shared the single ‘The Great Divide’. Their last full-length studio record was 2017’s ‘Heartworms’, which NME gave four stars at the time.