The Vaccines share unreleased demo saying it has “a whole new meaning” because of coronavirus crisis

‘I Never Go Out On Fridays’ was recorded a couple of years ago

The Vaccines have shared an unreleased demo of a song called ‘I Never Go Out On Fridays’ – listen to it below.

The band, who have been busy working on the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Combat Sports’, decided to release the song because “it’s recently taken on a whole new meaning,” due to the current coronavirus crisis.

“Made this demo a couple of years ago and didn’t think it would ever surface,” the band shared in a message, “but it’s recently taken on a whole new meaning and wanted to share because we’ve always loved it!”


They added: “I guess we’ll all see the light of day in time.”

Listen to ‘I Never Go Out On Fridays’ below:

Meanwhile, The Vaccines’ Justin Young has discussed the band’s upcoming fifth album, teasing it as “heavier” and “face-melting.”

“The new Vaccines album is heavier than anything we’ve ever done and it’s quite brutal in places,” he told NME. “I’m sure that’s a consequence of having made a pretty record.”


When asked if by heavier he meant the record would be more punk, Young replied: “There’s lots of riffs. Yeah actually, there’s two punky songs on there. It’s weird, it’s the poppiest and most colourful record, but – actually, I’m gonna stop myself there.

“It just feels really heavy, it’s quite face-melting in places. Lots more screaming. It’s good, I think.”