The Vaccines share Waxahatchee cover from ‘Cosy Karaoke’ EP

Justin Young takes on 'Fire' from Katie Crutchfield's 2020 album 'Saint Cloud'

The Vaccines have shared a new cover of Waxahatchee from their ‘Cosy Karaoke’ EP.

Justin Young and co have been previewing the covers record recently, sharing versions of Queens Of The Stone Age’s 2002 single ‘No One Knows’ and Kacey Musgraves’ ‘High Horse’.

The upcoming EP is set to come out next week (March 5), and is able to pre-save on streaming services here.


Watch Justin Young’s green screen-tastic version of Waxatchee’s ‘Fire’, from Katie Crutchfield’s 2020 album ‘Saint Cloud’, below.

The Vaccines have been working on their fifth album and follow-up to 2018’s ‘Combat Sports’, with Young confirming in December that the new record was finished.

Speaking to NME last year, the frontman teased that the album would take the band in a heavier direction. “The new Vaccines album is heavier than anything we’ve ever done and it’s quite brutal in places,” he said.

“There’s lots of riffs. Yeah actually, there’s two punky songs on there. It’s weird, it’s the poppiest and most colourful record, but – actually, I’m gonna stop myself there. It just feels really heavy, it’s quite face-melting in places. Lots more screaming. It’s good, I think.”


Reviewing Waxahatchee’s ‘Saint Cloud’, which came out last March, NME wrote: “Crutchfield is 30 now, and recently described sobriety as another return: to the person she used to be before she started drinking. And though that sea change may have resembled a swirling tempest, it’s a pleasure to hear one of America’s finest modern songwriters working in her brand new element.”

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