The Veronicas release solo singles ‘Seeing Stars’ and ‘Crusin’ On My Own’

The duo have also quelled speculation of a breakup

After announcing their forthcoming arrival earlier this week, The Veronicas have dropped their first solo singles, ‘Seeing Stars’ and ‘Crusin’ On My Own’.

The duo – comprised of twin sisters Jessie and Lisa Origliasso – recently fuelled speculation of a break-up when they removed all content from the official Veronicas Instagram page. The page then hosted only a cryptic message, a quote of writer Kahlil Gibran – “Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation.”

Both artists then announced solo singles on their own individual profiles, Lisa sharing a snippet of her music video for ‘Crusin’ On My Own’ and Jessie sharing a clip to her own social media of ‘Seeing Stars’.


Today (September 7), both singles have arrived – not signalling the duo’s breakup, but as part of an advertising campaign by Vodka Cruiser. According to a press release, the campaign is aimed at “removing barriers to female and femme fun and breaking down the societal stigma associated with self-pleasure and self-love”.

On the duo’s shared Instagram page, they confirmed that they have not, in fact, split. “We are powerful together, but we can be equally as powerful alone,” they wrote.

“‘Seeing Stars’ is all about exploring the idea of feminine power,” Jessie Veronica says of her high-energy cut, which foregrounds her vocals by distorted bass and guitar and propulsive drums. “By flipping the well-known stereotype of ‘boys and their toys’ on its head, ‘Seeing Stars’ is a song that reminds us that self-pleasure is for everyone.”

Watch the accompanying video for ‘Seeing Stars’ below:

Lisa Veronica’s ‘Crusin’ On My Own’, in contrast, is a slow-burning ballad with touches of ’60s pop influences throughout. “Everything about the world we are living in today is geared towards being fast-paced and transactional,” the singer says of her solo track.


“My song talks about the importance of taking the time to discover the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself. Taking your time to really understand yourself, your needs and to empower yourself through self-care.” Watch the video for that below:

In October, The Veronicas will tour the country as part of the line-up for Grapevine Gathering, and will later perform at Summer Camp Festival the following month.

Last year, the duo released ‘Godzilla’, their first album since their self-titled 2014 record. Upon the release of ‘Godzilla’ in May, NME said the album “demonstrate[s] The Veronicas’ knack for songwriting that’s both vulnerable and dramatic in equal measure.” Less than a month later, they released another album, ‘Human’.