The Weeknd praises Ariana Grande’s production skills

"That woman is a BEAST on Pro Tools"

The Weeknd has taken to Twitter to praise Ariana Grande’s production skills following a viral tweet about female producers.

On Sunday night (May 1) producer Kenny Beats took to social media to praise Doja Cat, King Princess, Rosalía and Grande, saying “we need to talk more about women producers everyday”

“Ariana Grande is insane at comping vocals with 100 stacks. Rosalía engineers herself at the highest level. King Princess will walk around a room and play everything + track alone. Doja has beats of her own that are unreal,” he explained.


Sharing the tweet, The Weeknd also praised Grande. “I’ve seen Ariana work in real time. That woman is a BEAST on Pro Tools,” he wrote.

The Weeknd and Grande have previously worked together on 2014’s ‘Love Me Harder’, 2020’s ‘Off The Table’ and a remix of 2021’s ‘Save Your Tears’.

Responding to Kenny Beats’ tweet, King Princess wrote: “Love you Kenny Beats and it’s rad to have people like you big upping people like us. It’s easy to forget that ARTISTS, and especially women, lgbtq+ and poc artists put work in at the studio and often get overlooked as producers.”

“Never forget girlies, we are the big bosses at the studio,” she added.


Last year, a study confirmed that women are underrepresented in popular music.

Assessing the “gender and race/ethnicity of artists, songwriters and producers across the 800 top songs (taken from the Hot 100 Year-End Billboard Charts) from 2012-2019,” researchers found that less than 23 per cent of artists and less than 2 per cent of producers were women.

Last month, The Weeknd debuted a host of ‘Dawn FM‘ material during his headline set at Coachella Festival 2022.

He topped the bill alongside Swedish House Mafia, with the pair replacing Kanye West as headliners, and performed ‘Sacrifice’, ‘How Can I Make You Love Me’ and ‘Out Of Time’ live for the first time.

Elsewhere in the set, The Weeknd covered Kanye West‘s ‘Hurricane’  alongside other covers of FutureDrake and Ty Dolla $ign.


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