Thomas Headon shares “banging tune” in ‘Nobody Has To Know’

Accompanied by a self-directed music video inspired by noughties romcoms

Rising singer-songwriter Thomas Headon has shared a new self-proclaimed “banging tune” by the name of ‘Nobody Has To Know’. Scroll down to listen.

The restless pop number, which shares similarities with The 1975, was written about a “no emotional strings attached” relationship Headon had in London.

As he explained, “I often find myself getting into those kinda situations and it gets really messy, but this one felt really fun and was exactly what the two of us wanted at the time.


“The song follows the innocence of that relationship, but I also wanted it to be a banging tune that was really fun to listen to and play live. It feels so good to finally have it out and moving in this direction, especially now that live shows are coming back and I have teased it to a point where everyone already knows the words.”

‘Nobody Has To Know’ arrives with a music video, co-directed by Headon and British photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes, which dives into the world of garage rock bands in teen romcoms of the noughties. Take a look below:

Earlier this year, Headon linked up with fellow Melbourne artist G Flip for ‘Not Even In Vegas’ – a song about finding silver linings amidst the pandemic and consequential lockdowns.

As G Flip explained, “We joked about booking a mates trip to Vegas but because of COVID there were no flights available so I booked us flights to Dubbo instead – because when Tommy and I are together we can make anywhere feel like Vegas, even rural NSW.”


Headon released two bodies of work across 2020: his debut ‘The Greatest Hits’ and sophomore follow-up ‘The Goodbye EP’. The latter was led by ‘Focus‘ and ‘UrbanAngel1999‘, and broadly acts as a diary of the interactions Headon had with new people in a new environment, following his move to the UK in 2019.