Thomas Headon releases new track ‘UrbanAngel1999’

With a self-directed video featuring video games, birthday cakes and a cut-out of Harry Styles

Pop artist Thomas Headon has today (September 7) released a glitchy new number by the name of ‘UrbanAngel1999’.

Here, Headon dives into the world of online relationships and what it’s like to be with someone who no longer lusts over you. He sings: “I told you I loved you when you really just wanted a friend.”

The single comes accompanied by a self-directed video, infused with fanciful pop culture moments, from video games and birthday cakes to a cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles. Watch ‘UrbanAngel1999’ below:


“‘UrbanAngel1999’ is something stylistically that I’ve wanted to create for a long time,” Headon says of the track. “It’s a story about a one-sided, online relationship.

“A lot of the songs I’ve released recently are all attention based, or more lack of. Urban Angel is exactly that but more once you’ve established the relationship with someone and it starts to go downhill. I’m not usually a story-songwriter, but this came out of me really quickly and I’m super happy with it”.

This is Headon’s third taste of new music in 2020, following ‘Focus‘ and double-release ‘Loving You’/’I’m Finally In Love’.

Headon, who currently resides in London, has rescheduled his UK tour dates, as a result of COVID-19 concerns and restrictions. The original September/October dates have now been postponed to April 2021.