Thornhill channel ‘Buffy’ aesthetics on new single ‘Arkangel’

Guitarist Ethan McCann says he wanted to recreate the feel of late 90s and early 2000s pop culture

After returning with ‘Casanova’ in October of last year, Thornhill have followed it up with another new single, ‘Arkangel’.

The new single builds on the melodic hardcore the Melbourne outfit explored on 2019 album ‘The Dark Pool’, frontman Jacob Charlton’s vocals soaring above thundering drums and blistering, distorted guitars. In a statement, guitarist Ethan McCann said he started writing the song after surrounding himself with late 90s and early 2000s pop culture.

“I wanted this song to make you feel the way I felt watching these shows and movies from this period, so I treated it almost like a film score,” he explained. “I found the opening credits to the old Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy series and basically wrote to that opening sequence.”


‘Arkangel’ arrives alongside a video directed by Charlton himself alongside Third Eye Media that mirrors the dark aesthetics McCann cites as a reference point. Watch that below:

“I usually write lyrics and melodies around the general atmosphere Ethan brings to each track to better bring it forward in the listener and myself, as a lyricist,” Charlton explains.

“But this time around, with Ethan’s newfound method of creating, I decided to change up my work flow and write a bit more like a script or movie narrative to allow for more ambiguous storytelling and attitude to come through, rather than just giving up the meaning straight away.

“Arkangel is an alternate take on the story of Icarus, discussing the tension between two lovers who become violent with one another as friction builds in their lustful affair.”


Thornhill are yet to announce details around the larger release ‘Casanova’ and ‘Arkangel’ are set to appear on. In March, the band are set appear as part of the line-up for the UNIFY Gathering and Full Tilt festivals.