Thornhill revel in dark flair on new single ‘Raw’

The single is the fourth cut from their upcoming album 'Heroine'

Thornhill have dropped another cut from their forthcoming sophomore album, frolicking with dark soundscapes on new single ‘Raw’.

The track’s official music video builds on Thornhill’s new interest in theatrics and visuals inspired by classic Hollywood. It’s equal parts dark and flamboyant, with a grainy lens focussing on each member, in turn, performing in front of a glittering curtain and generating a soundscape that’s spunky, yet complex.

Watch the ‘Raw’ video below:


Released today (May 23), a press release saw Thornhill frontman Jacob Charlton discuss the new song’s conceptual narrative. “The story of the song follows an actress’ responses to various requests, love letters and desperate attempts made by fans and stalkers after her first major success, appearing in a soon to be cult classic film,” Charlton said.

“This song primarily focuses on character of the voice rather than complex melodies and harmonies so I really wanted to bring a story to life that matches the attitude of the instruments. The way that she fights back these attempts and turns them down requires a lot of bravery and strength and it was more of the angle I wanted to hit, rather than relying on angry, dark lyrical themes.”

‘Raw’ is the fourth cut to be released from Thornhill’s forthcoming studio album, ‘Heroine’, set for release on June 3.

From it, the Melbourne metalcore outfit have released singles ‘Casanova’, ‘Arkangel’ and ‘Hollywood’. Upon the release of the lattermost in March, Charlton cited the likes of Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani as among his inspirations for the album. “I realised, ‘You’re not just singing your lyrics, you’re emoting,'” he said at the time. “You’re conveying a message or a feeling not only through vocals, but through performance.”

Thornhill are set to embark on national tour in support of ‘Heroine’. Kicking off in Sydney on Thursday July 7, the nine-date show includes a hometown gig that has already sold out. Supporting Thornhill on the run that month will be Gravemind, Banks Arcade and Dayseeker.