Tim Burgess shares ‘Tim’s Twitter Listening Party’ playlist

Featuring a track from every listening party so far

Tim Burgess has compiled a playlist featuring every artist that has featured so far in his ongoing series of ‘Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties’.

Launched back in March as the UK went into coronavirus-enforced lockdown, the regular listen-and-tweet-along online event sees bands and artists tweeting through a playback of one of their classic albums and interacting with fans.

Now approaching its seventh month in operation, Burgess announced last night (October 14) that he had compiled a dedicated Spotify playlist featuring a track by each and every artist who has guested on a ‘Tim’s Twitter Listening Party’ so far.


The 460-plus playlist includes tracks by the likes of Wolf Alice, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Oasis, The Cribs, The Libertines, The Cure, IDLES and many more.

You can listen to the ‘Tim’s Twitter Listening Party’ playlist below via Spotify.

Speaking to NME about his listening parties back in March, Burgess explained that he saw the concept as being “a distraction” from the news.

“It’s an inclusive thing and it’s fun, which is something we need to have. It’s at 10pm for a reason, as a distraction from the 10 O’Clock News – anyone can watch the news at any other time of the day, so it’s not a protest.


“It’s less than 45 minutes, everyone seems to be able to say what they wanna say, it’s a great way for fans to find out what goes on behind the making of an album.”

Last week Burgess published an open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak calling for stronger support for arts workers in the UK.

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