Tim Minchin shares new single ‘Leaving LA’ with zoetrope music video

The first single from his forthcoming debut album

Tim Minchin has released ‘Leaving LA’, his first single since signing to major label BMG last week.

Per Setlist FM, Minchin has been playing ‘Leaving LA’ live since 2017; the new release is its first studio iteration. The single is the first from Minchin’s forthcoming debut studio album, after releasing live comedy albums steadily since 2005.

‘Leaving LA’ arrived with an accompanying zoetrope animation video, directed by Tee Ken Ng. Minchin said the video took “thousands of hours to make” and was filmed on an iPhone 11 with 12 zoetropes. Watch it below.


In a press statement, Minchin said ‘Leaving LA’ was written in his final year living there in 2016. He found it “untenable” to live there under Donald Trump’s presidency, as well as following the failure of a $90 million Dreamworks animated film project he was directing and the closure of his Broadway musical ‘Groundhog Day: The Musical’.

“It is meant to reflect the bitterness I felt when the project I had been working on for 4 years got trashed. But it’s also meant to feel a bit sad, and a bit funny, and a bit fond. It’s bittersweet; like a break-up song written for somebody you’re still a little in love with,” Minchin said.

“I try my best to steer clear of clichés, but the famous sign felt to me like an unexploited metaphor: it, like the town it teeters above, is iconic, unique, two-dimensional… and, if you’re expecting glamour, a bit disappointing.”

Minchin was honoured with an Order of Australia in January. The comedian will embark on a mostly sold-out tour throughout March and April, including an appearance at this year’s Splendour in the Grass festival. You can still find select tickets for certain dates here.