Tiny Little Houses announce new album ‘Misericorde’

The band have also shared latest single 'Smartest Guy'

Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses have announced their new album, ‘Misericorde’, will arrive in November via Ivy League.

To coincide, the band have shared new single ‘Smartest Guy’, a fuzzed-out rocker that wryly reflects on the need to get the last word in, bandleader Caleb Karvountzis describing the track as “an ode to foot in mouth disease”.

“It’s constantly getting me in trouble with people, but I just always have to have my little say and it’s not always a good thing.”


‘Smartest Guy’ arrives alongside a retro-styled, black-and-white video directed by Mike Ridley that stars Karvountzis as an old-time crooner. Watch that below:

‘Misericorde’, due to arrive on November 19, will follow on from Tiny Little Houses’ 2018 debut album ‘Idiot Proverbs’. Recording was spread out across three five-day sessions at Melbourne’s Sing Sing studios, the band once again working with long-time collaborator Steven Schram on production.

“The idea behind the title is the only way to save yourself is through suffering,” Karvountzis explained in a statement.

“The misericorde, which was a knife used to deal the death blow to wounded knights, becomes this mercy that releases you from pain and suffering. It’s this concept that the suffering is good but also the ending of that suffering is good.”

‘Smartest Guy’ is the third single to be lifted from the forthcoming album. The band returned with ‘Richard Cory’ back in October of last year, then shared ‘Car Crash’ in April.


The tracklist for ‘Misericorde’ by Tiny Little Houses is:

1. ‘Cold Showers’
2. ‘Car Crash’
3. ‘Golden Boy’
4. ‘Smartest Guy’
5. ‘Emperor’
6. ‘Richard Cory’
7. ‘Misery’
8. ‘I’m Doing Just The Best That I Can’
9. ‘Take a Swing’
10. ‘Happy Piece of Gum’
11. ‘Some Aliens’
12. ‘Heavy Heavy’
13. ‘Holy Water’