Tiny Little Houses return with new single ‘Richard Cory’

Inspired by a poem from the late 19th century

Melbourne lo-fi outfit Tiny Little Houses have returned from a two-and-a-half-year hiatus with the single ‘Richard Cory’.

The track, out today (October 22), is the first new music from the four-piece since their debut album ‘Idiot Proverbs’ hit shelves in early 2018.

Listen to the new track below:


Per a press release, frontman Caleb Karvountzis explained that the song was inspired by the titular poem, originally published in 1897.

“’Richard Cory’ is a reimagining of a far better poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson,” Karvountzis said.

“The first time I read it as a teenager I was completely stunned and knew one day I would try to work a song around its theme.

“While modernising some of the setting and language, I’ve tried my best to do the original poem justice, with its status themes still being relevant today.”


Simon & Garfunkel also drew inspiration from the poem for their 1966 track of the same name. ‘Richard Cory’ went on to appear on the duo’s second studio album, ‘Sounds of Silence’.

Tiny Little Houses plan to continue releasing music in the near future, despite the difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are very much looking forward to releasing new music, even in such a disruptive time,” the band said.

“With a whole bunch of songs on the way, we think they’re reflective of some of the anxieties and uncertainty that has surfaced more obviously during this last year.”

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