Tired Lion unleash new single ‘Cya Later’

Their new album, 'Pathetics for Breakfast', is due out on November 20

Tired Lion are gearing up for the release of their second album next month, and today (October 28) they’ve released another single, ‘Cya Later’.

It’s a smoother, breezier cut than their previous singles ‘Waterbed‘ and ‘Lie To Me‘, all three of which appear on forthcoming album ‘Breakfast For Pathetics’.

“This song was my attempt to desperately try and find my way out of a bout of depression where I had completely hidden myself from the world”, said lead vocalist and songwriter Sophie Hopes of the new song.


“I guess I needed a way to set myself free and find a way to be okay. I moved to Brisbane and was missing my family a lot. When I was writing this song I wanted to use a happy memory that would have the power to take me back to that place.”

The band have also dropped a music video for the song, which you can watch below:

​​When Sophie and I were talking through ideas we kept coming back to something that gives you space to breathe and sit with the song,” director of the video Michael Sloane said.

“For me it was about trying to get across the subtle feeling the song has of melancholy but also optimism, like moving forward from a difficult time or situation and leaving behind some bad energy.”

‘Pathetics for Breakfast’ is due out Friday November 20.

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