TISM announce new live album and silent vinyl release

The deluxe vinyl edition of the band's new 'Omni-Album' features 100 minutes of total silence

Beloved, now-defunct Melbourne rock act TISM have announced they’ll be reissuing their back catalogue on CD and vinyl.

To celebrate the “reissue campaign”, the band have announced they’ll be sharing two new releases later this year.

The first is a 31-track live album titled ‘On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election’, which captures the band’s final ever show at Earthcore Festival in 2004. That will be available on both CD and vinyl.


The second release is what the band are calling the ‘TISM Omni-Album’, which contains no music, but instead provides liner notes and artwork for all six of the band’s albums to enhance the experience as you listen on another platform.

As a statement from the band explains, the deluxe edition of the ‘Omni-Album’ goes one step further.

“Why pay for multiple TISM albums in vinyl format when you can buy only one? The TISM Omni-Album is an all-purpose album cover containing liner notes, artworks and song listings that are suitable for all six TISM album releases,” the statement reads.

“This Deluxe Version of the TISM Omni-Album comes with an actual vinyl disc, filled with 100 minutes of total silence, so as not to detract from the sound quality and thereby allowing you to savour the full vinyl experience.

“The TISM Ultra Deluxe Double Omni-Album – with its two completely silent vinyl discs – has been banned by the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs. According to a department spokesperson, ‘surely there’s no deadshit stupid enough to buy it.'”

Both records arrive on Friday, December 4, with pre-orders available on the band’s official website.