Newly reunited TISM trade barbs with Regurgitator ahead of Good Things Festival appearance: “We hate them all”

Regurgitators have hit back at TISM as “a bunch of pricks” and “numb fungible trolls”

TISM have reunited – and promptly taken a swipe at Regurgitator, who have returned the favour.

TISM’s return after an 19-year hiatus was announced yesterday (June 15), when the notorious band were announced for the lineup for Good Things festival, which will take place in December and will mark the Melbourne seven-piece’s first live gig since disbanding in 2004.

During a press run following the announcement, TISM’s Ron Hitler-Barassi and Humphrey Flaubert sat down with Double J’s Tim Shiel, where they commented on fellow Good Things performer, Regurgitator.


Referencing the bands’ shared history, which saw them tour together in 1998, Hitler-Barassi did not mince words when recalling the pair’s joint outing on the Caveat Emptour on Double J.

“We did tour with Regurgitator extensively and I can say, and this is honest and from the bottom of my heart, we hate them all,” he said. “We don’t want to see them and if they ever appear anywhere near our dressing room again we’ll get…our roadie to show them what’s what.”

Hitler-Barassi then clarified his grievance with Regurgitator, taking aim at what he deemed to be the band’s “strict support for the free market”. The TISM vocalist, who has long contributed to the group’s satirical social commentary on issues from gender to geopolitics, went on to directly address Regurgitator frontman Quan Yeomans, saying the Fair Work Commission’s recent minimum wage raise would “piss [Yeomans] off so much.”

In a lengthy response on social media, Regurgitators referred to TISM as “a bunch of pricks” and “numb fungible trolls”. They added: “Whoever is behind those masks are surely not the same bunch of loose posse scammers we dropped off at the infirmary all those troubled years ago post caveat emptour… still trying to get the merch money from their manager that they lifted on the final show.”

THIS IS SERIOUS MONEY… really? What a bunch of pricks these guys turned out to be… $4.7 million for a bunch of…

Posted by Regurgitator on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

After speculating TISM’s reunion was the doing of “Denis Handlin and a bunch of label monkeys discarded in the shit paradise of tiktokism”, Regurgitator claimed to be unaware of their lineup slot at Good Things, where they’re slated to perform alongside TISM and festival headliners Bring Me The Horizon and Deftones.


“Apparently we appear to be playing some festival with these retired goons [TISM]. No one has informed us about this, no contracts signed, and our hapless management are currently trying to track down what the fuck this festival is and why we have been included in any premature announcements,” they wrote.

In a Facebook post today (June 16), Regurgitators shared an article about the supposed TISM feud, writing that they’ll “see you fuckers in the stage trenches” at Good Things before joking that “excessive consumption of beef is detrimental to both physical health and environmental impacts.”

Regurgitator photographed in 2004
Regurgitator photographed in 2004. Credit: Martin Philbey/Redferns

The 2022 edition of Good Things, one of Australia’s largest punk and rock festivals, was confirmed earlier this month. The December run of shows in Sydney, Victoria and Queensland will mark the festival’s first outing since 2019 after its two successive editions were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Since debuting in 2018, Good Things has hosted the likes of The Offspring and Stone Sour, while this year’s edition will welcome NOFX, The Amity Affliction, Gojira and 3OH!3, among others.

Founded in 1983 by Flaubert, Jock Cheese and Eugene de la Hot Croix Bun, TISM – which stands for This Is Serious Mum – have remained largely inactive since parting ways in 2004. In 2020, the group released an archival live album from 1988, but bandmate Damian Cowell said at the time that there was “no vibe for a comeback show”.

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