TISM cover AC/DC’s ‘For Those About To Rock’ in new 7″ vinyl

The cover is accompanied by an original track recorded in 1998

The enigmatic Melbourne band TISM have released a 7″ vinyl, which includes a cover of AC/DC‘s track ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’.

The record was first announced in an Instagram post on Sunday (November 15), when the group said they would be releasing a track written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson. ‘For Those About To Rock’ was first released by AC/DC in the early ’80s as part of the album of the same name.

The B-side on the 7″ is a track titled ‘Let’s Hang Around The Shopping Centre’, which TISM recorded in 1998. The 7″ is available to purchase in a range of colours on their website.


The 7″ follows TISM’s announcement last month they would be reissuing their entire back catalogue on CD and vinyl, along with two new releases. The first release was a 31-track live album titled ‘On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election’, from their final ever show at Earthcore Festival in 2004.

The second release was a literal 100-minute album of silence, titled ‘The Omni Album’, which included liner notes and artwork for all six of the band’s albums.

“This Deluxe Version of the TISM Omni-Album comes with an actual vinyl disc, filled with 100 minutes of total silence, so as not to detract from the sound quality and thereby allowing you to savour the full vinyl experience,” the band said in a statement at the time.

“The TISM Ultra Deluxe Double Omni-Album – with its two completely silent vinyl discs – has been banned by the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs. According to a department spokesperson, ‘surely there’s no deadshit stupid enough to buy it.’”