TISM’s Damian Cowell says the band won’t reform for live shows

"Lots of offers I believe keep coming through"

TISM frontman Damian Cowell says “there is no vibe for a comeback show”, despite the release of new material and reissues this year.

In a new interview with The Age, Cowell rebuffed questions about the likelihood of the pseudo-anonymous Melbourne pranksters reforming for live shows.

“The other guys don’t like me talking about TISM. There’s no vibe for a comeback show,” Cowell told the newspaper.


“Lots of offers I believe keep coming through. But when you break up with a girl in Grade 6 and eventually the two of you lose your youthful innocence and you both look back – with some horror – that you considered that person worth kissing behind the shelter sheds, no amount of money would persuade you to go back to her.”

In October, TISM announced they would be reissuing their back catalogue on CD and vinyl. In December, they released a 31-track live album titled ‘On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election’, which captures the band’s final ever show at Earthcore Festival in 2004.

They also shared ‘The Omni Album’, which, in typically ludicrous fashion, was a literal 100-minute album of silence with the liner notes and artwork for all of their albums.

TISM also released a 7″ vinyl, which included a cover of AC/DC‘s track ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’.

Cowell did not want to comment on the new TISM releases in the interview either, briefly going as far to deny ever being a member of the group before delegating: “David Williams (Shock Records) is the head of the TISM projects, he’s the man behind it who you should be chatting to about TISM. TISM are not relevant and that’s why they don’t exist.”


Cowell is set to release his solo double album, ‘Only The Shit You Love’, in March next year, which he is crowd-funding on Pozible.

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