Tobiahs announces Bandcamp-exclusive release to raise money for Beirut citizens

All proceeds will go to Lebanese Red Cross

Lebanese-Australian musician Tobiahs has today (August 14) announced a Bandcamp exclusive release to raise money for those affected by the recent disaster in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Three previously unreleased tracks – released as a collection entitled ‘Beirut’ – will drop exclusively on the electronic artist’s Bandcamp. The songs are titled ‘Beirut’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Foreigner’.

All proceeds will go to the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC), who will provide food, shelter and medical aid to people affected by the recent disaster.


In a press statement, Tobiahs said, “This year, I decided to embrace my roots and bring inspiration from the house music scene in Beirut into my own music. The recent disaster in the city has affected me so strongly, seeing the suffering of my people, family and friends.

“Despite my distance I am determined to do something to help the people in the city, with whatever small platform I have.”

Tobiahs encouraged fans to “pay what you can”, emphasising that he would not be distributing the donations through any government organisation but directly to LRC.

“My people don’t ask for much, years of struggle without a cry for help, but now they need us,” he concluded.


Find out more about ways you can help the Beirut relief effort here and here.