Tom DeLonge says he’ll definitely play with Blink-182 again: “We just gotta figure out the timing”

The band's original singer and guitarist quit in 2015

Tom DeLonge has said he will definitely play with Blink-182 again but the group have got to “figure out the timing”.

The musician co-founded the band with bassist Mark Hoppus and former drummer Scott Raynor in 1992, but quit in 2015. He was replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba.

In a new interview, DeLonge was asked about a message he posted about Blink-182 on his Instagram page last month. “[The band] has given me every opportunity I have ever had, and gifted me some legendary friendships that I still have to this very day,” the post read.


“I was going through old photos and saw some old photos and just felt like it,” he explained to Rolling Stone, before adding fans shouldn’t read too much into it. “You know, I talk to Mark and Travis every so often. I just talked to Mark the other day, and I talk to Travis about every week or two. And you know, I was feeling a little sentimental, but there’s no hidden message there or anything.”


He continued: “Everyone wants to know, ‘Are you guys gonna play again?’ Yeah, of course we are. We just gotta figure out the timing, how it works for everybody.”

DeLonge pointed to a number of other endeavours that he needs to focus on before reuniting with his old band, including “multiple film projects”, his To The Stars Academy, which conducts research into UFOs, and his other band Angels And Airwaves. “We’re getting ready to put out the best record we’ve ever made,” he said of the latter.


“I have all these priorities I’m responsible for, and I can’t just stop and go do a Blink-182 tour because it sounds fun. It’s a big thing. I gotta make time for it. So it’s kind of like, ‘How do we plan it a year or two in advance?’”

Meanwhile, DeLonge recently jokingly claimed viral song ‘I Wonder What’s Inside Your Butthole’ as an early Blink-182 song. The track was created by eight-year-old Jolee Rieffel-Dunn and has been viewed eight million times since her mother shared it on Twitter on Saturday (May 2).