Tom Grennan on his US attack and “different chapter” of a new album

"I’m in such a good place and my music feels like that too. I'm going to be blowing people's heads off"

Tom Grennan has spoken to NME about his recent attack ordeal in New York, as well as revealing that work is almost complete on his third album.

Last month, the singer-songwriter was the victim of an “unprovoked attack and robbery” in the US, which led to him suffering a ruptured ear, torn ear-drum and issue with his previously fractured jaw – forcing him to postpone a number of shows.

After telling fans that he was in “good spirits” and that “the show must go on“, Grennan last week told NME that he was feeling “positive” and looking to move past the incident.


“To be honest, I’m trying to take positives from it,” he said. “The guy was obviously in ill health. Hopefully he gets the the help that he needs. I’ve left it over there and people are dealing with it.”

Grennan was speaking to NME from the red carpet of the Ivor Novellos, where he was nominated for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for his track ‘Let’s Go Home Together’.

“I remember when I first started doing music or even thinking about writing a song, I would read NME and see that an awards ceremony like the Ivors had been on,” he said. “I thought, ‘If I can get there, then I’m doing alright’. I’m here, I’m on the red carpet, surrounded by such great talent, so many great musician, artists and songwriters. To be involved is just amazing.”

Tom Grennan Reading
Tom Grennan, backstage at Reading Festival. Credit: Jenn Five

He also revealed that work on the follow-up to 2021’s ‘Evering Road‘ was “finished” and would likely be released “this side of the year” after “a little bit more production stuff”.

“One thing I can say is that it’s a different direction and a different chapter,” he told NME. “One door has closed and another one is open. It’s a colourful album, an exciting one and it’s really going to lift people’s moods – because it lifts mine.


“I’m in such a good place and my music feels like that too. They’re just big songs and hopefully they connect. ‘Remind Me’ is out at the moment and keeps going up the charts. My next single is another level, mate. People aren’t ready for it.”

The singer-songwriter said that he felt like he was “at a place in my career where I need to cement myself” and that his upcoming third album would do just that.

“People do believe in me, but I do think there’s this attitude of, ‘Oh, he’s alright’,” Grennan admitted. “Trust me, I’m not just ‘alright’. I’m here for the long run, not the short run, and I’m going to be blowing people’s heads off.”

He ended by saying that he wouldn’t be appearing at Glastonbury Festival next month, but added: “I do believe my time will come, and you’ll see me on the Pyramid Stage.”

Grennan will be performing headline gigs and festival shows throughout the summer. Visit here for dates, tickets and more information.

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