Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson respond to Amy Shark’s “generous gesture” after they contract coronavirus

Hanks and his wife recently tested positive for COVID-19

Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark has reached out to actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson after the couple tested positive for coronavirus.

The Gold Coast native reached out to the couple on Twitter and offered up her home for Hanks and Wilson to “borrow for 14 days of isolation”. Shark is currently in Los Angeles, working on new music, after appearing at Sydney’s Fire Fight bushfire relief concert last month.

She also let Hanks and Wilson know where to find essentials (like where the Netflix and Wifi passwords are) and stressed the Hollywood couple are free to “leave their germs everywhere”.


Wilson later thanked Shark for “such a generous gesture” and said they’ll have to celebrate together when she and Hanks “are better”.

Shark, understandably stoked at the possibility of wining and dining the A-listers, further tweeting “Rita + Tom + Amy have a dinner date.” Check out the tweet below.

Hanks was doing pre-production work on the Gold Coast for a new Elvis Presley biopic when he and Wilson tested positive for COVID-19. It’s reported that they both experienced fatigue, body aches, fevers and chills.

Production for the Baz Luhrmann film, which stars Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s long-time manager, has now halted.


A few days ago, the couple called out for help with the quarantine playlist they were developing while in coronavirus isolation at a hospital in Queensland.

Yesterday (March 15), Hanks also took a moment to thank “the helpers” who have been looking after the pair while in isolation.


As of writing, Australia’s Department of Health has confirmed more than 240 cases of coronavirus in the country.

Today (March 16), a ban on public mass gatherings of over 500 people came into effect across Australia. The move has already impacted the music industry, with many festivals and artists announcing cancellations. Check out the full list of cancellations here.