Here are all the finalists of Tones and I’s That One Song contest

The singer has featured a new artist every day for the last three weeks

Tones and I has revealed the finalists of her Instagram-based competition, That One Song.

The competition was announced on August 12 by Tones – aka Toni Watson – who put a call out to artists to share original content with her to then be featured, an artist a day for 20 days, on her Instagram profile.

Voting will be made open to the public, with one finalist awarded a $5000 prize along with a full day in a studio and a 30-minute Zoom call with Tones along with Artists Only Agency and Lemontree Music.


Watson created the competition as a means to put a spotlight on artists struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, saying at the time, “If you are an artist that was working their ass off playing at small pubs or busking before this pandemic hit. If you have original music that you’re struggling to showcase. Please respond, I want to put you to the front.”

In a press conference on September 1 regarding her forthcoming album, Watson touched on the competition, highlighting the importance of recognition and opportunity as a struggling artist, particularly buskers. Watson herself was a busker in Byron Bay before her breakout song ‘Dance Monkey’ garnered international acclaim.

“I think it’s really going to come down to how the community is going to support the buskers, because these buskers might be the next big thing. Next year, or whatever. If I was busking this year and this happened, I wouldn’t know what to do. I don’t know if I would have ended up being successful.

“It’s [busking] all I had and all I relied on, so we need to support those artists like they are successful, because you never know, next year they might be and they might be that big artist because of the help and support they’ve received. But it’s really gonna come down to the community around them to support them.”

During the conference, Watson also revealed she’d already asked one of the 20 artists featured as part of the That One Song competition to go on tour with her.

Watson revealed the competition’s final artist on her Instagram yesterday (September 1), tagging Gold Coast singer-songwriter Beckah Amani, who entered with her song ‘STANDARDS’. Find a full list of the final artists and their winning entries, each announced over the last 20 days, below.

The Tones And I That One Song finalists are:


Beckah Amani, ‘STANDARDS’
Tanya Pillay, ‘Love Flow’
Bailey Rodrigues, ‘How do you feel?’
Bernie Vantiel, ‘Spend Some Time’
Damian Kyle, ‘Call Me Crazy’
Rude Gallow, ‘Fiyah (Cherry)’
Patient X, ‘Marionette’
Monatomic, ‘They’re Playing My Song’
Franki Kaneur,’howareyouonmymind’
JËVA, ‘Typhoon’
Gorilla Orchestra, ‘I Think It’s The Way She Moves’
Sarah Saint James, ‘Outta This World’
Oscar Thorburn, ‘6422’
Fin, ‘Playful Secrets’
Celeste Arrazolo, ‘Caution’
Shah Infinite, ‘Yellow Bone Shawdy’
Catherine Aria, ‘Losing My Freakin’ Mind’
Tom Harrington, ‘Before You Go’
Sydnee Carter, ‘Plans’