Tones And I’s ‘Fly Away’ soundtracks Qantas’ new ad encouraging vaccination

The song appears on Tones And I's debut album 'Welcome To The Madhouse', which dropped last month

Tones And I has been chosen as the artist to soundtrack Qantas’ evocative new advertisement encouraging vaccination against COVID-19.

The Melbourne artist’s 2020 track ‘Fly Away’ plays in the background of the airline’s new ad, which shows a family going to Disneyland, a father on his way to reunite with his daughter in London and a couple off to get married in Singapore.

The 90-second ad, also titled ‘Fly Away’, shows members of all three parties receiving a vaccination. In the description of the ad on YouTube, it reads, “Getting vaccinated is an important step that every Australian can take to bring us that little bit closer to life as we knew it.”


Watch the ad below:

The ad comes a month after Tones And I released her debut album, ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’. On top of ‘Fly Away’, the album also features singles ‘Cloudy Day’ and ‘Won’t Sleep’.

By November 2020, Tones’ breakthrough single ‘Dance Monkey’ had been labelled the most Shazamed song of all time, accumulating over 36.6million hits.

The song also broke the record for the most streamed song by a female artist on Spotify last April, with over 7billion plays.


Last month, Tones And I revealed that she will eventually stop performing and pivot her career into primarily songwriting, saying in an interview, “Realistically, I’m going to give myself another four years”.