Totally Unicorn lament societal pressures on intense new single ‘Yeah, Coach’

The track was written as a rumination on the brutality of adulthood

Sydney punk outfit Totally Unicorn have returned with a vicious new single titled ‘Yeah, Coach’, sharing it alongside a fittingly sinister film clip.

Eschewing the band’s typical palette of gritty punk riffs and supercharged drumming, ‘Yeah, Coach’ instead simmers with deep, driving lead guitars and gravelly bass, with a restrained, kick-heavy beat bursting to life in the track’s chorus.

The accompanying film clip flickers between two scenes. In one, frontman Drew Gardiner screams along to the track alone, drenched in blood-red lighting as he directs his ire towards the camera. In the other, Gardiner wheels a dead body down an alleyway, stopping for a cigarette when the murder victim awakens and runs off, leading to a chase.


Take a look at the film clip for ‘Yeah, Coach’ – directed by Totally Unicorn’s guitarist, Aaron Streatfield, and shot in the backstreets of Marrickville with longtime collaborator Rhys Bennett – below:

In a press release, Gardiner said ‘Yeah, Coach’ was written as a rumination on “the social pressures that come with getting older: financial security, starting a family, making sensible decisions but at the same time being content with where things are at [the] present”.

He continued: “Who knows, things may change tomorrow but right now I don’t want to hear it.”

On his role as director for the track’s film clip, Streatfield said: “The clip is a metaphor for that duality Drew talks about in his lyrics, the war between the sensible and hedonistic sides of oneself. I found it pretty relative as I was facing a crossroad in my life at the time. It was rough and I spent many hours alone thinking about what I was doing with my life. So naturally, a lot of that bled into the clip’s narrative.

“The locations in the video are places I would pass while doing a lot of my soul searching. It’s also the place I’ve called home for the past nine years, so it holds a special place in my heart.”


‘Yeah, Coach’ comes as Totally Unicorn’s third single for the year, following ‘Like’ back in January and ‘Trust Fund Glee’ in August.