Totally Unicorn slam the ‘Trust Fund Glee’ on mosh-ready new single

Described as “a ‘fuck you’ to the people that never have to worry about tomorrow".

Sydney punk outfit Totally Unicorn have shared their second release for 2021, a snarling new single titled ‘Trust Fund Glee’.

Over a soundscape of fierce, down-tuned guitars and gnashing percussion, frontman Drew Gardiner screams passionately about his disdain for those who embrace capitalistic exploitation. In an early verse, he quips: “Rate our success / From your parents’ paycheques / You know they are / They are the trust fund glee / Cunts.”

Take a look at the film clip for ‘Trust Fund Glee’, directed by Carl Whitbread, below:


In a press release, Gardiner described ‘Trust Fund Glee’ – which also features saxophone from Kirsty Tickle of Party Dozen and guest vocals from Dan Cunningham of ARSE – as “a ‘fuck you’ to the people that never have to worry about tomorrow”.

Guitarist Aaron Streatfeild echoed Gardiner’s sentiment, calling the track “an ode to anyone who has fought for every inch of ground on the road to achieving their dreams, only to be surpassed by someone fortunate enough to have financial backing. It bemoans those who buy their way through life”.

He continued: “They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can bypass plenty of its trials and tribulations.

“Sure, earning your crust has its benefits. Some say it builds character, but that exertion and gain isn’t without its downside: a sore and swollen ego; a malnourished bank balance; a pessimistic outlook; an unstable and uncertain future. Someone always has it worse, but life ain’t so bad when it’s on your family’s tick.”

On the track’s gritty, stylised film clip, Streatfeild explained that Totally Unicorn had a different vision in the early stages of production, but were forced to re-conceptualise it in the wake of Sydney’s recent COVID-19 outbreak.


“A few weeks before shooting,” he said, “the COVID situation in Sydney began to worsen. With another lockdown imminent, we scrambled to put together a contingency plan.

“With most of the concept remaining, I shot some green screen footage and sent it off to our friend Carl Whitbread [of the Sydney band Lo! and graphic artist extraordinaire] to turn our humble footage into the vision Dean had originally intended.

“As with any musician or band over the last two years, COVID has stomped over most of our plans, tours and releases. So, in some ways, this clip is a testament to overcoming the doom and gloom the pandemic has held over our lives.”

‘Trust Fund Glee’ comes as Totally Unicorn’s second release for the year, following the single ‘Like’ back in January. A statement notes that the band were also due to announce an east coast headlining tour to launch the single, but have postponed it as a result of the current lockdowns and border restrictions.

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