Trace Decay release new track ‘Surprised At Something’, announce debut EP

Debut EP ‘Monstrous Subconscious’ will drop next month

Melbourne indie-pop duo Trace Decay are back with a striking new single, ‘Surprised At Something’.

Released today (November 20), the new track is the second from Trace Decay this year, following on from their introspective single ‘Empty Handed’ last month.

“This song is about exploring self-awareness and gaining a level of introspection into the dynamics that play out around you, both physically and emotionally,” Trace Decay’s lead singer Jordan De Pas said in a press release.


“It comes from the point of view of someone who can see toxic and unhealthy dynamics playing out in their everyday life, leading them to brazenly call out the fake bullshit through a dry/witty lens.

“The track perfectly underpins the essence of Trace Decay’s lighter and tongue in cheek side of writing.”

Listen to ‘Surprised At Something’ below:

As well today’s new single. Trace Decay have also announced the release of their debut EP, ‘Monstrous Subconscious’, due out December 11.

Both ‘Surprised At Something’ and ‘Empty Handed’ are set to feature on the forthcoming EP.


In an interview with Pilerats, De Pas described Trace Decay’s ‘Monstrous Subconscious’ as music that has come from “a deep place of introspection”.

Since their formation in 2018, Trace Decay have been on tour supporting the likes of Art Vs. Science, San Mei and Shag Rock.