Trace Decay share introspective new single ‘Empty Handed’

Taken from the duo’s forthcoming debut EP

Melbourne indie-pop duo Trace Decay have shared their new track ‘Empty Handed’, marking their third single of the year.

‘Empty Handed’ is a reflection of a personal period of transition for songwriter Jordan De Pas, who forms one-half of Trace Decay alongside his long-time bandmate, Jeri. It was produced by Edvard Hakansson (IV League, Jack Grace) and mastered by Malcolm Besley, who is known for his work with artists such as Northeast Party House, Slowly Slowly and City Calm Down. Listen to it below.


“I wrote ‘Empty Handed’ when I was going through a period of transition and was uncertain if I was on the right path to improving my own mental health or making it worse,” explained De Pas via a press release. “I was holding myself to double standards and constantly second guessing everything.

“The song’s themes had reared their ugly head and started to manifest in the songwriting process, at which point I realised I should just write about acknowledging that this is a thing and not worry about trying to find this magical resolution which I so desired.

“Probably one of my favourite lines I’ve ever written is the last line in the chorus which encapsulates my experience of self-doubt and crippling anxiety perfectly.”

‘Empty Handed’ follows the release of two singles from Trace Decay in 2020, ‘Sad Dance’ and ‘Photobooth’.

The duo first formed in 2018 upon meeting at university and have since supported the likes of Art Vs. Science, San Mei, and Shag Rock.


In an interview with Pilerats, De Pas described Trace Decay’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Monstrous Subconscious’ as music that has come from “a deep place of introspection”.

“What we want people to take away from this project is for them to think a little deeper about the process/patterns in their life,” said De Pas. “Also, we just want people to get pumped up and enjoy listening to our own brand of melancholy pop.”

Trace Decay also announced plans to share a music video for ‘Empty Handed’ in the coming weeks ahead of the EP’s upcoming release, scheduled to be shared at the end of the year.