Travis Scott is being sued for allegedly ripping off a video game joystick design

Court papers have been filed in Georgia

Travis Scott is allegedly being sued by a video game company for copying their joystick controller design.

Court papers in the Atlanta division of the Northern District of Georgia, claim that when Scott performed a series of virtual concerts for 12 million fans via the video game Fortnight in April, that the rapper and his Cactus Jack label “were looking for an opportunity to offer Cactus Jack-branded gaming merchandise as part of a tie-in.”

The gaming company KontrolFreek, contends that Scott and Cactus Jack, “reproduced KontrolFreek’s copyright-protected” photos of its products, “modified” the images and “superimposed the Cactus Jack logo/design over the top of the KontrolFreek thumbstick” for the Fortnight concerts, reports Page Six.


KontrolFreek, which has a community called FreekNation of over 4 million gamers, claims that Scott’s ads caused confusion that the rapper and KontrolFreek were working together.

The company further claims in court documents that Scott and Cactus Jack had not yet manufactured the alleged copies, but that after KontrolFreek contacted them about its concerns in May.

No contact was allegedly made between the parties after but KontrolFreek claims that when fans later received the Cactus Jack-branded controllers, consumers complained online about their “poor quality.”

The company also claims that the packaging for Scott’s product was in copyright violation, by using the KontrolFreek slogan plus “identical bullet points” touting the thumbsticks’ merits.


KontrolFreek are seeking damages and want Scott to hand over his profits and destroy his remaining stock.

Meanwhile, Scott recently teamed up with M.I.A. and Young Thug for his new single ‘Franchise’.