triple j Hottest 100 of 2020: Dan Andrews ‘Get On The Beers’ remix by Mashd N Kutcher in top 20

With an introduction by the Victorian Premier himself

The people have voted: Mashd N Kutcher’s ‘Get On The Beers’ remix featuring Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is in the triple j Hottest 100 of 2020.

The Brisbane DJ duo went viral last year with a dance remix of Andrews telling Victorians in March that though pubs were closed, it was still “not appropriate” to have friends round to their homes and “get on the beers” because of the coronavirus crisis.


Previously tipped by data-driven prediction site 100 Warm Tunas to come in at number 16, Mashd N Kutcher’s remix ended up taking the 12th spot. It was even introduced by Premier Andrews himself, who nodded to previous parody novelties that have made the countdown in previous years.

“I’m pleased to be in great company among other Hottest 100 novelty artists like Denis Leary, Adam Sandler, and Pauline Pantsdown. I think we can all agree their contributions have stood the test of time,” he said.

Andrews also quipped that ‘Get On The Beers’ making the Hottest 100 instantly rendered the countdown, well, not hot.

“What’s clear is that now a politician has made the Hottest 100, this is probably going to be the last Hottest 100 – it’s no longer Hot,” he said. “I’m sorry to all the Gen-Xers out there who have to bid farewell to their most important annual cultural tradition.

“With our State at zero cases for the last few weeks, thanks to all the good work of both our contact tracing teams and every individual Victorian, I can now officially declare it is time to get on the beers,” Andrews declared, as the song kicked in.

On Twitter, Andrews congratulated Mashd N Kutcher and said he was looking forward to their next “collaboration”.


Yesterday, the Brewdog brewery promised Mashd N Kutcher a part-ownership share in its Brisbane branch if they landed a spot in the top 20. So, if Brewdog keeps its word, it looks like Matt Minor and Adam Morris will soon be entering the beer business.

‘Get On The Beers’ has racked up 1.5million streams on Spotify (and counting), been played to thousands at a West Australian festival, and soundtracked three Melbourne homes’ eye-catching Christmas light show.

The triple j Hottest 100, which began counting down today (January 23) at noon, continues. Follow the triple J Hottest 100 with NME and find out which tunes came out on top.