Triple One share new track, ‘Salina’

Lifted from their forthcoming debut LP, 'Panic Force'

Sydney rap group Triple One have released a new single, ‘Salina’, ahead of the arrival of their debut album, ‘Panic Force’.

‘Salina’ follows on from ‘Loverose’ in July, and is the second single to be lifted from ‘Panic Force’, which is set for release in October.

Watch the video for ‘Salina’, directed by Martin Guilfoyle and Tyson Perkins, below:


In a statement, Triple One describe ‘Salina’ as being about “a battle of choices, and in the consequences when the choices are made”.

“‘Salina’ is about heartbreak and how it often leads to self-destructive behaviour,” vocalist Marty Bugatti said. “It’s also about trying really hard but never quite reaching your own expectations and then taking it out on other people because you can’t admit your own wrongs.”

On the forthcoming 12-track album, Triple One have said ‘Panic Force’ sees them venture into “uncharted waters”, but not without keeping their signature sound.

“Fans have been asking for our debut album for years, but we’ve been waiting for the right moment where we felt comfortable with ourselves as musicians to release a full body of work,” the group said.


“‘Panic Force’ is a deeply personal work for us, and one that culminates everything we’ve learned since day one. Everybody will have something to take away from this record.”