Triple R air rare recording of Luscious Jackson’s 1995 Big Day Out set

Off the back of their 1994 debut 'Natural Ingredients'

Melbourne community radio station Triple R has aired a rare recording of Luscious Jackson‘s set at the Melbourne leg of the 1995 Big Day Out festival.

The festival performance was recorded on January 22 of 1995 and came as part of the tour for the rap rock trio’s debut album ‘Natural Ingredients’, released on Beastie Boys‘ label Grand Royale.

The hour-long set aired yesterday (October 15) as part of the radio station’s ‘Archival Revival’ show, and is now available to stream on-demand here.


Between their formation in 1993 and their breakup in 2000, Luscious Jackson released three studio albums – ‘Natural Ingredients’, ‘Fever In Fever Out’ and ‘Electric Honey’. They reformed in 2013, releasing two new crowd-funded albums, ‘Magic Hour’ and ‘Baby DJ’.

At the time of their reunion, vocalist Jill Cunniff told CNN: “I hope there’s nostalgia, that’s great, but it has nothing to do with what we’re doing. It’s just because the time is exactly right to do it.”

“Five years ago, there wasn’t this type of social network connection, connectivity. I think now people really miss that spirit of another time.

“People were really sad to hear we broke up and I guess now those people realising that we’re reuniting and they’re writing about how happy they are. It’s great.”

The band have not released anything since then.


The Luscious Jackson set is the second historical Big Day Out performance shared by Archival Revival in recent months, following The Go-Betweens’ 2001 set.