Triple R to air rare recording of The Go-Betweens’ 2001 Big Day Out set

Following the band's 2000 comeback album 'The Friends of Rachel Worth'

Melbourne community radio station Triple R will broadcast a rare recording of The Go-Betweens’ set at the Melbourne leg of the 2001 Big Day Out festival tonight (August 20).

The performance, recorded on the Triple R stage, followed quickly after their 2000 reformation and comeback album ‘The Friends of Rachel Worth’. Per Setlist FM, the bulk of the setlist came from that record, along with a spread of the band’s most popular songs.

Alongside the set, Triple R’s Archival Revival host Kate Kingsmill will interview the band’s vocalist and songwriter Robert Forster about the reformed period of the band, and how he has spent isolation so far.


The broadcast will run from 7-8pm on Triple R, and will be archived on the radio station’s website here.

The 2001 Big Day Out festival, its Sydney leg in particular, was marred by tragedy following the death of 16-year-old Jessica Michalik in a mosh pit during a Limp Bizkit set. Earlier in the night, At The Drive In had walked off 15 minutes into their set in a fit of rage at crowd behaviour.

A reformed The Go-Betweens, escaping any controversy during their performance, went on to record and release two more albums before the death of songwriter Grant McLennan in 2006 ended the band for good.