Tropical Fuck Storm share new single and video, ‘G.A.F.F.’, announce third album

Gareth Liddiard and co. have a bad case of “give a fuck fatigue”

Tropical Fuck Storm have shared a new single titled ‘G.A.F.F.’, alongside details of their third studio album, ‘Deep States’.

‘G.A.F.F.’ (which stands for ‘Give A Fuck Fatigue’) was written in response to the widespread bleakness felt around the world over the last few years, between an insurgence in political and social crises, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and what a press release describes as “the global infatuation with resurgent fascisms”.

Built on a grungy and jagged fusion of funk-rock and hip-hop beats, the track deals in distinctly nihilistic lyrical themes. In it, frontman Gareth Liddiard sings: “War made the state / The state made war / What’s the point of worrying about it anymore?”


Take a look at the video for ‘G.A.F.F.’ – directed, filmed and edited by Oscar O’Shea – below:

As Liddiard explained in a press release, ‘G.A.F.F.’ is “an ode to the occasional dispassion brought about by the mandatory concern for every perceived injustice that happens, has happened and might yet happen that is being foisted upon the masses by super-yacht dwelling tech barons who monetise our indignation.”

It comes as the latest single from Tropical Fuck Storm’s forthcoming third album, ‘Deep States’, which is due to land on August 20 via the band’s own TFS Records imprint. ‘G.A.F.F.’ follows on from the previously released singles ‘Suburbiopia’ and ‘Legal Ghost’.

As B-sides to the singles, they also shared covers of ‘Heaven’ by Talking Heads and The Saints’ ‘This Perfect Day’, the latter featuring Amy Taylor of Amyl And The Sniffers and Sean Powell of Surfbort.

Tropical Fuck Storm will debut tracks from ‘Deep States’ live when they perform as part of Sydney’s VIVID program in August. They have a headline show at Carriageworks locked in for Saturday August 21, tickets for which are on sale now.


Liddiard will also play VIVID with his new band Springtime, which features Dirty Three’s Jim White and Chris Abraham from The Necks, before recording an (as-yet-untitled) album announced for release later in 2021.

In 2020, Tropical Fuck Storm guitarist/keyboardist Erica Dunn (also of Mod Con) and drummer Lauren Hammel (also of High Tension) linked up with members of fellow Melbourne bands Super Wild Horses and Suss Cunts, as well as Bess Davey, to form the experimental post-punk outfit Slippry Intrigue.

Written and recorded during Melbourne’s stage three lockdown back in April of 2020, Slippry Intrigue released their debut album, ‘Infinity Slipper’, last September. All profits earned from its Bandcamp-exclusive release were donated to Sisters Inside, a community organisation that advocates for incarcerated women.

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