Tropical Fuck Storm share sci-fi karaoke single ‘New Romeo Agent’

Guitarist Erica Dunn takes on lead vocals for a tragic alien-human love story

Tropical Fuck Storm have shared ‘New Romeo Agent’, the latest single from their forthcoming third album ‘Deep States’.

The track features guitarist Erica Dunn on lead vocals, and is pushed forward by woozy feedback, ambling synth and a pulsating bass. It’s less aggressive than previous singles to date, but its lyrics are typically bonkers TFS.

‘New Romeo Agent’ is written as a continuation of Octavia Butler’s 2003 sci-fi short story Amnesty, following the tragic love story of a human translator set to infiltrate an alien community Cold War Romeo-style, and an alien.


The music video, directed by frequent collaborator Oscar O’Shea, sees the band play the song karaoke-style in an intergalactic dive bar while being held captive – watch it below.

Dunn unraveled the narrative of ‘New Romeo Agent’ in a press statement.

“As our human/alien Amores connect in an intimate new language, they decide to make a run for it,” she wrote. “We glimpse an oasis of hope in defiance of the violence and backstabbery of their masters. We imagine a tropical island of romance in an icy sea devoid of solar warmth.

“We look back on the spinning wheel of progress and feel that all the desperation, despair and heartache of the past could finally be worth it for this moment, a conquest of love! A clock striking for a new age! But they get murdered. The end. Brutal.”


The new track is the fourth single from ‘Deep States’, following ‘Suburbiopia’, ‘Legal Ghost’, and ‘G.A.F.F.’. The record is due out on August 20.

TFS will hit the road to promote the album across the country in September, including dates at the rescheduled VIVID festival.

Singer-songwriter Gareth Liddiard’s new group Springtime, a supergroup comprised of Liddiard, Jim White (Dirty ThreePJ Harvey) and Chris Abrahams (The NecksThe Church), are currently recording their debut album. They will debut the project in full at VIVID in September.

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