Tropical Fuck Storm share ‘This Perfect Day’ cover featuring Amy Taylor

"Amy named the band Sniff Surf Storm!"

Tropical Fuck Storm have shared a cover of The Saints’ 1977 track, ‘This Perfect Day’, featuring Amy Taylor of Amyl and The Sniffers and Sean Powell of Surfbort. Listen to it below:

The cover features as the B side of the 7″ single release of ‘Suburbiopia’. Powell and Taylor recorded with the band while drummer Lauren Hammell was stuck in NSW during Australia’s unprecedented bushfires.


“Sean jumped on drums and Amy grabbed a mic and we banged out our fave Saints tune for fun. Amy named the band Sniff Surf Storm!” guitarist-vocalist Gareth Liddiard said in a press release.

When NME Australia premiered ‘Suburbiopia’, Liddiard said Taylor played synthesiser on the song because “she can do anything”.

“[Amy] and Sean just picked some synths up and started tooling around while we were all nutting out the words. Our studio is in our lounge room so you can just mess around with whatever,” he explained.

“We all met through the King Gizz[ard and the Lizard Wizard] guys and have hung out all over the world ever since ’cause our touring schedules always seem to intersect.”

TFS included covers on the B side of most of the singles released from their first two studio albums, ‘Braindrops’ and ‘A Laughing Death In Meatspace’. These included an unlikely cover of The BeeGees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and Lost Animal’s ‘Lose The Baby’.


Liddiard has recently been releasing music from his archives, putting out ‘Bong Odyssey’, an album he and Rui Pereira recorded before forming The Drones. He’s also released two early live recordings from the band, and has pledged to release more.


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