Troy Cassar-Daley shares ‘Back On Country’ NFT paintings series

Cassar-Daley says the paintings have been inspired by "connection to people and country"

Troy Cassar-Daley has announced a new series of original paintings as an NFT collection, entitled ‘Back On Country’.

The collection, shared today (July 12), is being released in conjunction with the “eco-friendly” music-based NFT service Serenade and the managerial company ArtizanX. ‘Back On Country’ consists of eight paintings done by Cassar-Daley, each available for purchase exclusively as NFTs for US$340. It marks the first time the country singer-songwriter has worked within the NFT medium.

In a statement, Cassar-Daley noted that he was “thrilled” with the series, and to be working with Serenade and ArtizanX on the project. “These paintings have been inspired by moments in time, and connection to people and country,” he said. “Being able to make this series available via NFTs provides another medium to share my art and stories.”


The paintings are all done in the traditional Indigenous style of dot painting, with Cassar-Daley himself an Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung man. In a separate statement, Max Shand – the CEO of Serenade – described the series as a “continuation” of the tradition of storytelling upheld by Cassar-Daley’s people.

“It’s an incredibly proud moment for Serenade to be working with an Australian great,” Shand said. “At Serenade, we believe in bringing fans closer to their favourite artists – and what better to achieve this than [with] sentimental, nostalgic storytelling, presented through unique and beautiful artworks.”

The collection is available now via Cassar-Daley’s Serenade page. One painting, entitled My Water Hole, has already been sold.

Away from NFTs, Cassar-Daley is set to release a new live album next month entitled ’50 Songs, 50 Towns’ – which, as the title suggests, is a 50-track compilation of Cassar-Daley’s best known songs, recorded live across 50 different concerts.

His daughter, Jem Cassar-Daley, has also recently launched her own solo career. Her debut EP, ‘I Don’t Know Who To Call’, was released this past May.