Listen to Troye Sivan’s rework of ‘Easy’ featuring Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson

Alongside a cinematic music video

Troye Sivan has finally delivered a new version of ‘Easy’ with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson, almost a month after he first teased the collaboration.

The song is a rework of the track of the same name from Sivan’s latest EP, ‘In A Dream’.

Sivan also shared a cinematic music video for the song, which features both he and Musgraves as self-proclaimed “runaways”.


Watch the Bardia Zeinali-directed clip below:

In a Q&A livestream before the video’s premiere today (December 10), Sivan said that it made him so happy to work with Ronson and Musgraves. He also shared his ambitions to collaborate with Harry Styles, saying “I would die to do that”.

Sivan originally teased the collaboration’s release in early November, saying it would feature two of his “fave artists of all time”.

In another tweet, Sivan added that the release of ‘Easy’ would be accompanied by his “fave music video ever” which he feels “made the song a million times better”.

On December 4, Sivan celebrated the fifth anniversary of his debut studio album, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, hitting shelves.


“5 years of Blue Neighbourhood today. Half a fckn decade???!!!!!!! Thank u for everything, i love u guys,” he wrote on social media.

In a cover interview with NME Australia earlier this year, Sivan reflected on his career thus far and discussed his plans for the future.

“Ultimately, my dream did come true, which is crazy,” he said. “And all I want for the future is to be able to keep doing it. Keep creating, and have people want to listen, or watch.”