Troye Sivan teases two prospective guests in upcoming music video

"Maybeeeeeeee there’s a feature on In A Dream after all... maybe two of my fave artists of all time"

NME cover star Troye Sivan has taken to Twitter to tease two prospective guests in an upcoming music video.

In a tweet late last night (November 10), Sivan told fans that he had made something “ssiiiiiickkkennningggggg” yesterday, with the potential to be his favourite music video his team had ever made.


He quickly followed up with another tweet hinting at two prospective guests which sent fans into a frenzy.

“Maybeeeeeeee there’s a feature on ‘In A Dream’ after all,” he tweeted. “Maybe two of my fave artists of all time.”

Fans were quick to jump to assumptions on Twitter, pointing fingers at Ariana Grande, Lorde and even members of BTS.

Sivan has remained coy since then, however.


Sivan dropped his six-song concept EP ‘In a Dream’ on August 21. In an interview with NME, he described the context of its recording as a “weird, roller coaster-y, eventful time in my life”.

“It felt too early to be working on my album. I was still on tour for ‘Bloom’ for some of this, and as it was coming to an end, I was feeling all of this stuff,” he said.

“When you’re going through something like that, you feel 20 different ways in an hour. So I went into the studio very casually. I would write one song, and the next day I would come in feeling a completely different way and write a completely different-sounding song.”

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