Twelve Foot Ninja share details of new album, novel, comic and tour dates

The metal outfit go all out for album Number Three

Melbourne-based metal outfit Twelve Foot Ninja have announced ambitious plans for their forthcoming ‘Project Vengeance’, which includes a new full-length album, both graphic and literary novels, and a short stint of headline tour dates.

Leading the fray is the band’s third studio album, ‘Vengeance’, which is set for release on October 15 via Volkanik and features lead single ‘Start The Fire’. The band released a music video for the track yesterday (June 12), showcasing a concept that, according to lead guitarist Stevic Mackay, “revolves around the threat of total annihilation”.

Take a look at the video for ‘Start The Fire’ below:


In a press release detailing ‘Project Vengeance’, Mackay explained that ‘Start The Fire’ was inspired lyrically by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver’s characterisation of the Joker, as seen in their 2019 film.

“When you start treating people according to broad prejudice, they’re left with little reason not to become what they’re supposedly guilty of already being,” he said. “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Alongside the ‘Vengeance’ album, Twelve Foot Ninja will release a high fantasy novel titled The Wyvern And The Wolf. Clocking in at 1,100 pages, the Nicholas Snelling-penned book is described as “the tale of an orphaned samurai boy called Kiyoshi who is adopted by the ruthless leader of a clan of ninja”.

The book will explore the narrative lore behind Twelve Foot Ninja, which was first conceptualised by Mackay alongside his partner, Fiona Permezel. Fans that pre-order the book will receive its first 12 chapters in advance.


Rounding out the physical offerings in ‘Project Vengeance’ is a graphic novel, also titled Vengeance, which is available today. The book was written by Mackay with artwork by George Evangelista, and as the press release notes, “sees the band’s namesake, the Twelve Foot Ninja, journey through alternate dimensions to take on an evil alien entity”.

Speaking on the motivation behind the sprawling, multimedia nature of ‘Project Vengeance’, Mackay said: “This is an exorcism of content that’s spent a decade in gestation. ‘Catharsis’ is close to what it feels like to finally share Kiyoshi’s story, and I guess respond to all questions pertaining to our name.

“All this time, so many have thought ‘Twelve Foot Ninja’ was tongue-in-cheek, when in actuality, the story’s genesis occurred a year before the formation of the band. I really hope our fans enjoy the vastness of what we’ve created, and we’re able to continue to surprise people with new methods of storytelling.”

Twelve Foot Ninja will debut ‘Vengeance’ onstage shortly before its release, performing at The Gov in Adelaide on October 14. They’ll follow up with a post-release launch show in Brisbane on October 16, playing The Princess Theatre, before wrapping up their mini tour on Thursday 21 at Melbourne’s Croxton Bandroom.

Tickets for all three shows are available from the band’s website.