TWICE’s Tzuyu says her cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’ didn’t originally feature Bang Chan

“But we thought it’d be more fun to have a male voice in it”

TWICE member Tzuyu has shared how her cover of Taylor Swift‘s ‘ME!’, in collaboration with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, came about.

In a new behind-the-scenes clip for the ‘Melody Project’ series, where the individual members of TWICE release song covers on the group’s YouTube channel, Tzuyu revealed that she had initially planned to cover ‘ME!’ by herself.

However, the singer and her later come to the conclusion that it would be “more fun” to bring in another singer to cover Brendon Urie’s parts. “I was going to sing the whole thing by myself. It was going to be alright,” she explained. “But then we thought it’d be more fun to have a male voice in it. It will make the song sound fuller.”


“So we thought, ‘Who could fit the part?’ And we agreed on [Bang Chan] from Stray Kids,” she added. Tzuyu also expressed her gratitude towards Bang Chan, sharing that “he really poured his heart in it and, because of that, it came out beautifully”.

Tzuyu and Bang Chan released their cover of ‘ME!’ last month, as part of the girl group’s ‘Melody Project’ series. Previous ‘Melody Project’ releases include Jihyo’s cover of ‘A Late Night of 1994’ by Jang Hyejin and Nayeon’s cover of Ariana Grande‘s ‘Love Is Everything’.

TWICE recently made their first domestic return of 2021 with the ‘Taste of Love’ EP on June 11. The six-track project features title track ‘Alcohol-Free’, which written and composed by JYP Entertainment head J.Y. Park.

TWICE also recently spoke about working with Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall, who co-wrote ‘First Time’, a cut from ‘Taste of Love’. The group said they were “very honoured” to have collaborated with Thirlwall, adding that they were long-time fans of the British girl group.