Twitter users have rediscovered Jon Ossoff’s old tweet about Imagine Dragons

The new Georgia Senator-elect was looking forward to a review of the band back in 2012

Twitter users have rediscovered an old tweet posted by newly elected US Senator Jon Ossoff in which he appeared to reveal himself to be a keen Imagine Dragons fan.

Ossoff triumphed in one of this week’s crucial US Senate runoff elections in Georgia, beating Republican incumbent David Perdue. His victory, combined with fellow Democrat Raphael Warnock’s runoff win against incumbent Kelly Loeffler, has now split the Senate 50-50 – giving the Democrats overall control as incoming Vice President Kamala Harris will have the casting vote.

Ossoff’s past job as a film producer has already resurfaced this week, with the politician having produced a number of Stacey Dooley documentaries in previous years.


A tweet posted by Ossoff in September 2012 is now doing the rounds, in which he replied to a tweet from Pitchfork – which wasn’t about Imagine Dragons – with the words: “Looking forward to your writeup of the new @ImagineDragons album.”

Twitter users have been sharing their delighted reaction to Ossoff’s seemingly innocent tweet resurfacing this week. However, The Appeal President Josie Duffy Rice has since clarified that Ossoff’s tweet may have actually been motivated by his friendship with Imagine Dragons’ drummer Daniel Platzman, who he went to high school with.

Pitchfork‘s Reviews Editor Jeremy D. Larson wrote yesterday (January 6) in reply to Ossoff’s original tweet: “Mr. Ossoff, sir, I am sorry we never wrote up the new Imagine Dragons album. This is hard to explain but during this era of the site, we thought it would ‘say more’ about the album when we didn’t review it? Does that make sense? Good luck with everything.”

You can see a selection of the subsequent reactions to the Ossoff and Imagine Dragons tweet below.


Earlier this week Zach Braff said he was interested in portraying Ossoff if the politician is ever included in a future Saturday Night Live sketch.