Two Door Cinema Club to discuss touring memories on their new podcast

The first two episodes of 'My First Tour' are available now

Two Door Cinema Club have launched their own podcast, in which they recount tales from their time on tour.

My First Tour, which features the trio’s bassist Kevin Baird, guitarist Sam Halliday and their long-time collaborator Gregg ‘Babysweet’ Houston, has shared its first two episodes.

The six-part series is set to feature stories from the tour bus, as a support band, playing festivals and more.


See the full rundown of each episode of My First Tour, and listen to the first two episodes, below.

Episode 1: Tour Bus
“On their maiden podcast voyage the lads take you on a guided tour of the elusive tour bus. It’s time to lift the lid on toilet etiquette.”

Episode 2: Support Bands
“The lads talk you through what it’s really like to go on tour with the big guys; just don’t overdo it on the free champagne.”

Episode 3: Festivals part 1
“Glastonbury, Coachella, Rock En Seine…the boys have been at them all! What’s backstage really like and can you share a tiramisu with Lady Gaga in catering? Tune in to find out.”

Episode 4: Festivals part 2 
“Far too much craic flowed to fit it into one episode; check out part two for the inside scoop on Jay Z’s favourite football team and how much Frank Ocean loves a fence.”


Episode 5: Labels and Managers
“After a lucky escape with some Catfishers, the lads paint a picture of what it’s like to have industry representation. From bribes attached to demo CDs to using your connections to get front row Justin Bieber tickets, the lads have seen it all.”

Episode 6: TV Shows
“Making their network television debut. Chatting Irish castles with Kim Khardashian to giving Thor something to sing about, the lads lift the lid on late night cable.”

Back in June, Two Door Cinema Club shared a surprise collection of rarities from their early years as a band, entitled ‘Lost Songs (Found)’.

The release followed the Irish trio’s 2019 full-length album ‘False Alarm’. A three-star NME review called it “a refreshing risk,” adding: “Two Door’s fourth effort is far from a wall-to-wall success, but for a band who could so easily continue to tread their affable, well-worn path around arenas and festival main stages without a sideward step (as many of their indie contemporaries have and will continue to do), the risks and experimentation here are very welcome.”