Two People announce new album ‘Second Body’, share vibrant new single

'Second Body' is out on August 28

Melbourne duo Two People have announced that their second album, entitled ‘Second Body’, will be released August 28 via Liberation Records/Terrible Records.

To celebrate the announcement, Two People have today (July 29) shared the album’s third single, ‘Someone To Serve’. The track follows on from previously released tracks ‘Dream Steppin’’ and ‘A Taste’.

‘Someone To Serve’ comes accompanied by a visualiser. Watch it below:


“‘Someone To Serve’ is like a dystopian rock song. We started writing the track back around 2018, when our first record was finished but prior to its release,” the band explained in a press statement.

“There was all this angst and fight in us that was coming from the limbo phase we were in, so we captured it. We wanted to make something that felt really urgent and yet totally conscious, you know like grabbing the bull by its horns.”

Two People, comprised of band members Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough, wrote much of the new album immediately after the release of their debut album, ‘First Body’, in 2019. After penning the bulk of the record’s tunes in a cabin near Skenes Creek, they returned to Melbourne to record in St. Kilda.

“This record is all about movement, growth, large spaces, bold lines, curves and bravery. It’s the tone that our first record only hinted at,” the band said.


“‘First Body’ was all about us exploring new sounds, feeling out edges, working with raw and fragile parts. ‘Second Body’ is definitive, deliberate and assertive. It’s more fierce and a little bit more fun.”