Two People drop sophomore record, ‘Second Body’

Featuring four previously released singles

Melbourne duo Two People have released their new album ‘Second Body’ today (August 28).

‘Second Body,’ as its title suggests, follows on from the band’s 2019 debut ‘First Body.’ It features the previously released singles ‘Dream Steppin’,’ ‘A Taste,’ ‘Someone To Serve’ and ‘Been A Little While.’

Listen to ‘Second Body’ below:


In a press release, Two People – comprised of Phoebe Cockburn and Joey Clough – explained the difference between their first two records.

“‘First Body’ was all about us exploring new sounds, feeling out edges, working with raw and fragile parts,” the band said.

“‘Second Body’ is definitive, deliberate and assertive. It’s more fierce and a little bit more fun.”

The duo wrote much of the new album in a cabin along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. They returned to Melbourne to record it with Simon Lam, who is best known as a member of fellow Melbourne outfit Kllo.

However, Two People insist that work on the record began long before their aforementioned writing retreat.


“10 years of collaboration and cuppas and anxiety and purpose and lols has led us here. We love this record,” the band said.

“If you get anything at all from it, we will feel good.”

Two People formed in 2016, following the dissolution of Cockburn and Clough’s band Snakadaktal some 18 months prior. Their debut single, ‘Fading,’ was released in Feburary that year.