Two tracks from The 1975’s old band Drive Like I Do appear on streaming services

'Scary Monsters' and 'Wolves' have quietly been uploaded to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music

Two tracks from The 1975’s old band Drive Like I Do appeared on streaming services yesterday (October 3).

The Matty Healy-fronted band went existed under several monikers, including Drive Like I Do, before settling on The 1975. However, in 2017 Healy clarified that the groups were “separate entities”.

Now, two old tracks have surfaced on streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. Listed as the ‘Scary Monsters EP’, the release features the tracks ‘Scary Monsters’ and ‘Wolves’.


However ‘Take Out Your Air Guns, They’ll Come’, which featured on the original ‘Scary Monsters’ EP release, has not been uploaded at the time of writing.

Although Healy told NME earlier this year that he was working on getting old Drive Like I Do songs remastered, the songs appear to be the same as the versions uploaded by fans to platforms like Soundcloud over the years.


“I’m getting the old stuff remastered and I’m basically going to put out the first album, the album that never was released,” Healy said in May of his plans to resurrect his old band.

“And then we’ll follow that up with a new album. There’s so much Drive Like I Do stuff that was great that there’s not even demos of, so I’m going to record those songs and put them out with the two records that do kind of technically exist in the world.”


Despite Drive Like I Do featuring the same members as The 1975, the frontman said it felt “like a different band”.

Meanwhile, Healy recently took part in a series called Art Zoom, which features musicians discussing paintings that they love. The singer talked about Large Composition A with Black, Red, Grey, Yellow and Blue by 20th-century abstract artist Piet Mondrian.

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