Tyler Joseph responds to Twenty One Pilots fan’s experience of racism in band’s fanbase

"I am so sorry"

Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph has responded to a fan who claims she was racially abused by members of the band’s fanbase.

The response from Joseph came after the fan took to Twitter in December to post a lengthy statement about her experiences.

“I think it’s time to have a really big conversation on the racism, entitlement, and jealousy that goes on. Especially racism,” the fan, named Chey on Twitter, wrote. “Myself personally has kept my mouth shut on a lot of things because I don’t like bringing negativity to the timeline but as more and more minorities in the fanbase join, this is really becoming out of hand. A lot of y’all’s hatred towards people in particular is racially charged. There’s no denying it, at all.

“There are tons of other people who have experienced what I have experienced and not even gotten the tip of amount of hate i experience. Yet, I breathe wrong and these are the ccs I get. (TW for racism + suicide). And like this problem here, while fixable on my end is completely unacceptable and I continuously delete ccs like this Every. Single. Day. EVERY DAY!”

She went on: “A white person in the UK told me I was ignoring the racism in America by talking abt the pilots.. as if that does not directly effect me, and for that they don’t like me. that is quite literally.. racially charged.”

The fan later added: “So when I finally snap on you people, It’s been a build up of fucking MONTHS! of racism and threats that i’ve swept under the rug and kept quiet about for YALLS benefit. For tyler and joshs [dun] benefit.”

Joseph has now responded to Chey in his own lengthy post, apologising yesterday (February 17) for the “racism you have experienced recently”.

He wrote: “I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. What’s worse is that it will likely happen again at some point. there are terrible people on this earth. hurtful people. they will hide behind anonymity, they will make you feel small and less than, because the truth is, they are small and less than you. it will happen again.

“But know this, we care for you, we stand with you. We think you are invaluable to this fan base.”

Joseph went on to say: “I want you to know that the collective whole of this fan base, josh, and I are with you. racism is evil and I want this clique to be the most inclusive clique that ever was. stay strong.”

The fan later thanked Joseph and said his response was “incredibly validating and such a weird source of strength and inspiration i don’t think i’ve ever felt before. thank you so much.”

Twenty One Pilots will bring their ‘Takeøver Tour’ to London in June for a quartet of live dates in the capital, including gigs at The Camden Assembly and The SSE Arena Wembley.

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