UNKLE share tracklist for new mixtape and new song ‘If We Don’t Make It’

'Rōnin I' will feature Michael Kiwanuka, George Harrison's son Dhani and more

UNKLE have shared the tracklisting for their new ‘Rōnin I’ mixtape, which is set to feature Michael Kiwanuka, George Harrison‘s son Dhani and more.

The James Lavelle-led project will release the new mixtape on March 26 via Studio:UNKLE, with a second part due at a later unconfirmed date.

Along with the tracklist, another new song has also been shared today (March 17). Following first single ‘Do Yourself Some Good’ is new preview ‘If We Don’t Make It’, which you can hear two versions of below.


The two full-length releases, which both feature new tracks and reimagined UNKLE songs from ‘The Road’ albums, were written and recorded following Lavelle’s return to the studio last year as a result of the coronavirus-enforced shutdown of live music.

“‘Rōnin’ was an idea that started in lockdown back in June 2020 where Steven [Weston, co-producer and long time musical director of the UNKLE:Live show] and I started doing some remixes for a new set we thought we would be playing later in the year,” Lavelle explained.

“As the lockdown continued and any hope of live shows disappeared, we decided to work on it as a mixtape where we could create an hours worth of new remixes and incorporate brand new tracks in the spirit of a new live show, but give it a proper release due to the circumstances.”

Watch the trailer for the new mixtape and see its tracklisting below. You can pre-order the release here.


1. ‘初登場’
2. ‘Ar.Mour’ (Rōnin Dub) [Feat. Miink]
3. ‘The Other Side’ (Rōnin Def Mix) [Feat. Tom Smith]
4. ‘On My Knees’ (Rōnin Def Mix) [Feat. Michael Kiwanuka]
5. ‘If We Don’t Make It’ (Rōnin Throwdown)
6. ‘Do Yourself Some Good’ (Rōnin Throwdown)
7. ‘初幕間’
8. ‘Find An Outsider’ (Rōnin Reconstruction) [Feat. The Big Pink]
9. ‘Days and Nights / Reprise’ (Rōnin Re-Edit) [Feat. Dhani Harrison]
10. ‘Feel More / With Less’ (Rōnin Reconstruction) [Feat. Liela Moss]
11. ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ (Rōnin Vocal Mix) [Feat. Callum Finn]

‘Rōnin”s second part, which hasn’t confirmed its release date yet, will see Lavelle working with the west London multi-instrumentalist Miink, who has featured on a number of UNKLE tracks over the past five years.

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