Upsidedownhead samples a BBC DJ on club-primed new single ‘Everybody Talk About’

The track takes inspiration from the sample-based techno music of the ‘90s

Sydney-based house producer Upsidedownhead (aka Ross James) has shared a thumping new single titled ‘Everybody Talk About’, hinting at a bold new direction for his forthcoming third EP.

The track takes its prime inspiration from the sample-based techno music of the ‘90s, framing a bright and percussive beat around chopped-up snippets of the introduction to a hip-hop show on BBC Radio 1. The warm, yet punchily modulated voice at the song’s core belongs to English DJ Mr X, who James was spurred to sample when he stumbled upon X’s show by chance.

Take a look at the visualiser for ‘Everybody Talk About’ – featuring artwork by James’ “close friend and musical ally”, Bertie Blackman – below:


On his process experimenting with various samples, James said in a press release: “I spend a lot of time trawling old records, YouTube, Instagram and sample libraries looking for moments of magic to piece together. It’s like building a puzzle but you’re creating the joining curves to connect the pieces.

“I heard the line ‘everybody talk about this and this, that and that’ and it resonated with me. It may be the media, celebrities or friends… everyone’s talking about something and it’s never been harder to determine the truth at first glance. I’ve tried to piece together words to create a commentary on the way we can feel consumed by all the talk out there.”

‘Everybody Talk About’ comes amid a wickedly busy year for James, having dropped his second EP as Upsidedownhead, ‘Lush’ – which features collabs with Mansionair (on the single ‘Twice As Tough’), ex-Preatures frontwoman Isabella Manfredi, Hein Cooper, Clea, Fractures and Ric Rufio – back in August.

Today’s (November 9) press release notes that James is already hard at work on a third Upsidedownhead EP, expected to land sometime in 2022.

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